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PAM 1.1, R30, R31?

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PAM 1.1, R30, R31?

I was just wondering, what are the benefits/drawbacks/differences of each. I am currently using R31, but I was wondering if I should go to R30 or PAM 1.1
I was just concerned that some of my configurations might be lost if I did change. Also, will my themes [for R31] work with the other ones?

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R31 is an update of R30, and

R31 is an update of R30, and they are unsupported by this site. Those menus are mods of the official Menu, which is now at 1.1. If I remember correctly (I don't use either menu) R30/R31 have a few more features, but most of those features will be merged into the official PAM eventually. The developers of the various PAM mods have all joined the official project to improve and advance PAM. Themes will most likely not transfer between mods and the official menu.

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I use R31 at the moment - It

I use R31 at the moment - It is the way PAM 1.1 is heading but for now I find it superior for categorising large lists of apps. If you want to see what PAM may be like by 1.5 take a look at it.

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