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podmail or civilnetiven large file transfer apps

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podmail or civilnetiven large file transfer apps

Program: podmail

License: not sure check here =>

Description: Podmailing enables you to send and receive files in excess of
1 gigabyte, without changing habits: you keep your e-mail address
unchanged and use your standard e-Mail software or web-mail account.


Other: This works similar to Utorrent so i guess you could use a similar setup to
that. however if the this is too difficult to convert due to the people that
own it, there is an althernative listed below:-


Program: civilnetizen

License: free for unlimited use (althought you may wish to ask the programers if you can port it to portable apps, im sure they will i have chatted to them on a few thing before, I think they would genrally flattered by the attension)

Description: data transfer for files up to 4GB in size through a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Other: similar to ftp direct to recipient, person to person transfer with encription of file priour to sending using an encription key sent vie email, preventing eaves droping by your ISP.

neather of these programs are perfect, but they are usefull to have around...