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hugin Portable Alpha Test 1

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hugin Portable Alpha Test 1

I decided to create an alpha test of hugin before going to Dev Test.

Any and all comments will be appreated

here is the link

Download here

here is the link to the original topic

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works in vista ultimate sp1

I've given it a quick test in vista ultimate sp1, and I haven't had any problems so far and doesn't leave anything obvious behind.

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Is this app every going to be updated?

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Excellent question!

It's a really great app, and I was psyched when powerjuce portablized it - but since then, the main app has released a stable version (0.7.0 on 04OCT08), and all the links to powerjuce's versions have gone dead.

I kinda haven't seen powerjuce posting recently... maybe I missed it, but has he just gotten real busy with RL?

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