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Lost mails in Thunderbird-but, why?

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Lost mails in Thunderbird-but, why?


I have a lot of mail in Thunderbird Inbox directory. But, more than 20 messages are damaged, unreadable-and I don't know, why?
Here is a picture of a message window in TB.

No content. No header. No sender, subject, date etc.
Where is the content of these messages? How can I recover it (if is this possible)?
What is the possible ground of data damaging?


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reading unknown file types ...

it looks like when I tried to import emails from 1991 into thunderbird from my old pine accounts. I mucked up the intermediate file conversions and it gave me a lot of gobblydygook in addition to the emails.

So nothing is there, just the chunks of random aisci art?

I think it happened because some of the header info, the bits that tells the email client what type of file it is, or where it came from got munged up. It's like trying to open a jpg picture in notepad or something and you get all the random code that a graphics program can read but a notepad program can't.

Oh, by the way, I never solved my problem, I've just accepted that I can't read my emails from 1991 except in pine.

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