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Divx not shown in file management

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Divx not shown in file management

Hi All,

I recently tried to add VLC plugin to my portable FF (added libvlc.dll & npvlc.dll to plugins dir) to try and add DivX support.

the plugin seems to be properly installed, its showing in about: plugins and some file types have been automatically assigned to it in the file management options. But in neither of these locations does it mention DivX files types.

assume it will show in the file type management after trying to view a streaming DivX file (which strangely seems hard to find suddenly), but as VLC supports it, should it not be mentioned in the about: plugins panel anyway?

Basically I just want to be able to watch Divx in FFP

thanks for any help

Tim Clark
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Is this in a context of using VLC Portable?
What I'm asking is are trying to have the files you put in the plugins directory access a copy of VLCP or a local install of VLC?

I will probably not be able to help you but I think answering the above might help those who can.

One of the reasons I'm asking is I don't know if VCLP is recommended as a plugin for FireFox Portable!

The Firefox Portable pages do refer to using it as a "helper app" but not as a "plugin" and so I'm not sure how this would work.

Finally, to answer your question, well actually you didn't ask a question, I would guess you need to find a file/stream and see if it works. Then check the about:plugins and see what it says.

Oh, and how well is it working as a plug-in for other media types?
They appear in the FFP window? or externally?


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

Last seen: 13 years 1 month ago
Joined: 2008-03-07 11:05

Yeah it was taken from a VLCP install. I am not able to install ANY apps locally, so I rely heavily on portable applications for anything extra that I need.

I tried it for a avi type and the VLCP tab appeared in the task bar but no window opened and there were no options from the task bar right click menu other than to close it.

Maybe Im using things wrong, I tried to change WMV to be played by VLCP but its still using windows media player, although iWMV has now also disappeared from the file type management list!

I tried MPEG video which VLC took over automatically but the page loaded blank...
Also tried a DivX (on DivX labs) and I got asked to install the DivX web player...

Ah well, its not as bad as I thought a lot of the websites I stopped using because they used DivX too much seemed to have broken the habit and I only found out when I went looking just now. Probably connected with the demise of Stage6.

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