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7-Zip: Get .ace support?

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7-Zip: Get .ace support?

Hi, is there any way to get .ace support for this app?

Tim Clark
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ACE is a proprietary data

ACE is a proprietary data compression archive file format developed by Marcel Lemke, and later bought by e-merge GmbH.

When installed, it lets the user choose between paying for a registration or installing "WhenU adware"

...None of the above is free software.

An older version of an Unace 1.2b was free and licensed under the GPL by the author Marcel Lemke, but it cannot extract ACE archives from version 2.0 and newer.

On November 23, 2007, version 2.69 of WinACE was released, including a less intrusive adware application,

All the above from:
{which for some reason is not turning to a clickable link ?}

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URL encoding

{which for some reason is not turning to a clickable link ?}

It works, when you use percent-encoding:

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Peazip Portable can open .ace

Peazip Portable can open .ace files with a plugin.

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is ace better than .7z?

John T. Haller
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ACE doesn't compress as well as 7z although it can decompress quite a bit faster. ACE is also closed source/proprietary so there's not built-in support in open source products (you have to use their closed source DLLs) and the main app for it, WinACE, is adware.

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