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PokerTH Portable 0.6.2 Pre-Release 1

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John T. Haller
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PokerTH Portable 0.6.2 Pre-Release 1

Application: PokerTH
Category: Games
Description: PokerTH Portable is a Texas Hold-Em style poker game that supports up to 6 computer-generated opponents as well as network play against opponents all over the world.

Download PokerTH Portable 0.6.2 Pre-Release 1 [7.9MB download / 18.4MB installed]
(MD5: 07259ea6e215cae56ba1a731c1e45e7c)

PokerTH 0.6.2 no longer works on Windows 95/98/Me. The main EXE is no longer compressible with UPX as it uses TLS callbacks so our install size doubles.

Release Notes:

0.6.2 Pre-Release 1 (2008-05-28): Initial release

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no problems found so far

I've just tried it under vista ultimate sp1, and I haven't had any problems yet and it leaves nothing obvious behind.

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same here

on Win Xp Sp3.

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Patrick Patience
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All Good

Only change is the version number can be removed from the first line of the Readme.txt in the Source dir.

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Inquiring minds want to know...I want to know

For those of you that have no clue what a "TLS Callback" is (like me)'s what Google found me:

TLS Callbacks -

Thread-Local-Storage Callbacks are a seldom used feature of Portable Executables. Many compilers and linkers, including Microsoft's, do not fully support TLS callbacks, or have a buggy implementation. Furthermore, they are not universally supported on all Windows platforms. Win9x does not execute them under all conditions (i.e. program load), while WinNT does.

Detection of TLS callbacks and refusal to compress files using this technology was introduced in UPX v1.05 (and corrected in v1.07)

Here's a snippet from UPX's changelog:

Changes in 1.05 (24 Jan 2001)
  * win32/pe: refuse to compress programs with TLS callbacks

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Patrick Patience
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Thank you, that clears things up for me. Smile

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You described the disadvantages of the new version (less OS supported, bigger footage). But what are the advantages compared to v.0.6.1 that make it necessary to release this new version?

Travis Carrico
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here is the 0.6.2 changelog. looks like a bunch of internet play upgrades. we'll be releasing it because we keep all the apps up to date. you don't have to upgrade and the previous version will be available to download still.

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Works fine With XP SP2

Ran the poker game on both my Laptop (Quad processor & winxp sp2) and my desktop (Pentium 4 & winxp sp2) and didn't observe any problems (other than losing all my money) and nothing appears to be left in the Registry.

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