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7-Zip: How to change 7zip icon?

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7-Zip: How to change 7zip icon?

Hi All

I have a nice glossy icon Id like to use in place of the current 7-zip program icon and I am wondering how best to go about changing them?

thanks for any help Biggrin

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Is this for an installed

Is this for an installed version, or for the icon that appears in the menu?

Use the program Resource Hacker to open the 7zFM.exe, find the resource under ICONGROUP that contains the icon, and replace it with yours.

Use a program like IcoFX to create the proper .ico file (48x48, 32x32, 16x16 in both true color and 256 color), save the file as appicon.ico in 7zipPortable/App/AppInfo, use NSIS Portable to recompile 7zipPortable.nsi from the 7zipPortable/Other/Source directory

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For the Installed Version:

after 4 hours, trying every method out there, Logging-off after each.

I found this by-far the most easy, convenient and safe way to change the ugly 7-zip Icons:

follow the instructions, I worked this on Vista Home SP2 32bit

after following instructions and Log-off/log-in you will see the icons for Archives have changed to Golden Icons, these icons are placed in "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\icons" folder. you may want to Back-up this folder.

if you want to change one of the icons, let's say you want to change the RAR archives, just rename your created/downloaded icon to rar ( or whichever extension you want to change) and copy the icon to "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\icons" and replace when promoted. Log-off/Log-in.

here is one site to convert PNG to .ico :

all files and links provided are safe, I tested them myself.

I really hope you won't go round and round like I did, so I hope this helps you people.

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