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Moving from Thunderbird for WinXP to Thunderbird Portable

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Moving from Thunderbird for WinXP to Thunderbird Portable


Some time ago, due to bad viruses in my system, I quickly search for the way to save my mail data.
I copied both the 'Local Folders' and '' folders data, not the profile.ini, abook.mab, pref.js and other data in the profile directory.

Now I installed the portable version of Thunderbird on a USB stick and (re-)created the account. I then copied the 'Local Folders' and '' data to the new folders.

But when I start Thunderbird Portable, it doesn't make the link.
The 'import' function in 'Tools' doesn't propose Thunderbird as mail format to import.

Both Thunderbird versions are 2.0.

My aim is to import back the mail contents I had.
Can someone tell me how to proceed?

Many many thanks for your help

Chris Morgan
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Try looking at Copying your

Try looking at Copying your local Thunderbird settings to Thunderbird Portable in the support section of this website. It's also linked to from the help.html file in the ThunderbirdPortable directory

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look at your tbp file structure ...

for instance, look where the Local Folders is and put your Local Folder there. Then go back and restart TBP. It should pick it up then. That's what I did when I transfer b/w laptop and desktop when I had to reinstall to a backup computer.

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