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Autolauching an app when PA runs

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Autolauching an app when PA runs

I am new to portableapps, and first let me say that I think its great. I have two questions but since they belong in two different areas I will post only the one here. I am wondering if there is a way to tell portableapps that after it has loaded to start certain programs. For example I just started pnotes, and think it would be great if upon start portableapps that it just ran. Is this possible?


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I believe this feature will be possible in the 1.5 release of the menu. I know there's a couple tools and menu mods that may be able to do this, but I'm drawing a complete blank on what tools and mods can handle it. Sorry. Sure someone else will chime in soon.

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automemscan2.2 has the ability

automemscan2.2 has the ability

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