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Developing a portable app

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Developing a portable app

Forgive me I am new to portableapps, but is there a nice howto on how to modify an app to portable apps. I understand the idea, but was wondering what tools people might use to watch the reg before and after you install a program to windows. I hope maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I would love to help get more programs to run on the Portableapps platform.

Patrick Patience
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The Development page is a great place to look. For monitoring the registry, Regshot is fantastic for that and monitoring directories. It's easiest to modify and exisiting app who's launcher is written in NSIS. There's a post on the Format stickied atop this forum for reference on all that. If you need a little more help stop in #portableapps on or is great if you don't have an IRC client handy.

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