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My VLC Portable says my song is playing but no sound is coming out of my comp

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My VLC Portable says my song is playing but no sound is coming out of my comp

My VLC Portable is playing a song but no sound is coming out, the file is m4a i think. Help!

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are you able to hear sounds with other media files?

if you play a song other then the one you're having problems with, do you hear anything? if you can, that would indicate a problem with that particular audio file, but if you can't here's a few other things that I usually check with my pc when I lost volume:

  • Make sure that both vlc and windows are not muted.
  • check to make sure the volume on both vlc and windows are not turned down to the lowest possible volume setting
  • if you're using a laptop make sure that the volume dial along the outside edge isn't turned down all the way
  • if you're using a desktop computer, make sure all the audio cables are plugged firmly into the proper plugs and that the speakers are still plugged into a working power outlet (and powered on)

but if none of that makes any difference, I would try running the media files in a different media players (such as coolplayer+ portable, mplayer portable, or even windows media player). There's always the chance that your media player has become corrupt and you need to re-install it.

I hope that helps

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