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can't start it

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can't start it

I installed the programme for the first time, but I can't start it. "AbiWord" comes immediately on the screen, "Firefox" takes longer, but Thunderbird doesn't want.
Thank you! uwe schmiedecke

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almost ever an issue with..

a broken file, or..
a firewall setting..
a slow usb port/flash drive
just for testing :
try a new download, install it onto your desktop and start it from there - if it works, copy it to your drive,
if not there´s a problem on your machine - perhaps try another PC

just a question: did you use a fresh install or did you copy in your profile form a local TB ?
and welcome to portableapps

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can't start Thunderbird

thank you for your answer. I used a fresh install. I tried to start TB
from my desktop: no problems, a bit slow, but ok. I then copied it to my drive.
But from there I can't start it.
I'll try again and download a fresh copy of TB.

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same problem for me

Actually I have the same problem. I installed the portable TB in an external hard drive and used it for several weeks. Suddenly one day it couldn' t open as it was described by hmups. I can use it in one pc but not in another. I tried to make a new install (on flash stick or on the desktop. Then it could start but when I loaded all my mails I couldn t really see them all. Some of them were blank.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

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