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Problem with Addons

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Anonymous (not verified)
Problem with Addons

I tried to install Dmath ( on OOo 2.0.2.
The Package Manager closed the Program and nothing happened.
On a normal installation of OpenOffice there is no problem.

Any ideas?

John T. Haller
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Hit or miss

Addons may be a bit hit or miss if they can't correctly detect the directory layout of Portable OO.o or if they hard code full paths at all.

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haichen (not verified)
I think the Package Manager is the problem

Thank you for your fast answer.
I dont think its the Dmath addon, because i´ve no access to the packet Manager--> My Packages. Everytime i click on this item, OOo closes immediately. Before I can install the Addon.
Excuse my poor english..

Have a nice day,

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