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PT v1.5 Load Time

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PT v1.5 Load Time

I noticed that v1.5 seemed to take a very long time to load.
By "Load" I mean the time from clicking on the startup icon to where my Inbox messages are shown. Both versions are on the same USB stick.
v1.0.7 took 16 seconds
v1.5 (20051025) took 2 minutes and 51 seconds.

Both versions had about the same number of messages in the various folders.
Both have compacted folders.

Any hints?

Plus, I see in v1.5 even though I have set check for new mail every 20 minutes, nothing new is ever in my Inbox until I manually click on Get All Messages.

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Have you tried booting them from the hard drive, does the problem have a similar function. My boot time for PT thats on my HD is about 5 secs I dont think its the package so Im thinking we should start a list of what it could be to narrow this down.

Drive - try it on another usb stick
USB Connection - try it on the hard drive
Package - try a different package
Machine - try the package on a different screen
Profile - hose your profile and start from scratch - ick
Extensions & Themes - uninstall one at a time till you find it

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