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Copying from GIMP

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Copying from GIMP

Hi all,
even it was possible in previous versions (before GIMP 2.4.5 Portable) to "Edit - Copy" in GIMP Portable and then to CTRL+V e.g. in MS Word, it is not possible anymore. Could you help? Is it matter of setting, or bug, or known issue, ...

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Have you tried to paste in other programs?

You seem to be right about MS Word, it doesn't work for me.
But it pasted fine in Wordpad, Paint, and OpenOffice Writer.

Personally, I avoid pasting pictures into MS Word, even when it works. There's a long-standing bug in Word that causes your file size to grow very large when you copy images from other programs and paste them.
In Word, it's better to start with a saved image file and choose Insert>Picture>From file. That keeps your file size manageable.

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