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A few suggestions

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A few suggestions

Hey all!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who contributes to this 'project', including the original software developpers. I found out about yesterday and I'm already hooked! Biggrin

Well, I have a few suggestions, for apps that would be awesome if they were portable:

-Media Player Classic ( )
-VirtualDub ( )
-µTorrent (not open source, but free, and damn it's light! )

-Zsnes ( )
-Nestopia ( )
-Doukutsu Monogatari / Cave Story ( )

-7-zip ( )
-CDex ( )
-ClamWin ( )
-Spybot (freeware, but not open source... )

And maybe those?
-Audio player
-Image viewer
-CD/DVD burner
-DVD ripper

Some of these might already be portable, but I'm no expert, so I can't really tell. You guys are the pros Smile Thank you!

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uTorrent is portable (last

uTorrent is portable (last time I looked at it), as are 7-zip and SpyBot. JH is working on a portable ClamWin.

One popular image viewer is IrfanView -- you might try it. Audio player... you could use Winamp.

Check for information about many of these -- the directory there is pretty good.

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