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A fork of the original Open Office software that adds a multitude of features and optimizations to Open Office. The developers created a page on their website that details the improvements that Go-OO offers over the original Open Office client.

It starts with additional build in file support for Microsoft Office 2007 file types like docx, pptx and xlsx which can be imported without difficulties. Other import additions include SVG and Microsoft Works support as well as a filter to import WordPerfect Graphics. Then we have improved Excel interoperability, VBA macro support, improved EMF rendering, text Grid rendering and rich fields support which might be interesting to some users.

Linux users will probably like the build in 3D transitions in presentations, the Unix systray quick-starter and GStreamer integration.

Best of all it still feels and looks like Open Office which means that transition from Open Office to Go-OO should be fluid. The only aspect that I find a bit troublesome is that the application cannot be installed if a newer version of Open Office was found on the computer. I had Open Office 3 installed and I was only able to install Go-OO after uninstalling that client.


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What Is This?

Is this a request... what? Two weeks ago this was already mentioned:

Read the reply by John.

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