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Pidgin: OTR 3.2.0 New Version

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Pidgin: OTR 3.2.0 New Version

It's come out the new version of "OTR" for Pidgin as per link :

With high new security function :

pidgin-otr-3.2.0 and libotr-3.2.0 released. Changes from 3.1.0:

* The functionality of the OTR button has now moved to a menu. There's an "OTR" menu, as well as an icon showing the current OTR state of each active conversation in the window.
* New OTR icons from
* OTR icons show up inline in the conversation window when the OTR status changes.
* Buddy authentication has been revamped, based on the user study published in SOUPS 2008. The default is now to choose a question and an answer only you and the buddy should know. The question is displayed to the buddy, who is prompted for the answer. The "shared secret" and "fingerprint" authentication methods are still available.
* Translations for Arabic, German, Russian, Hungarian

It will be great if you make the new portalbe version of OTR !

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Yes please (OTR 3.2.0)

I would also very much like to see OTR 3.2 available for Pidgin portable.

Is there a way to make this work in the interim?

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