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List of things that I'm requesting

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List of things that I'm requesting

- AVG Anti-Virus(Hope that they're gonna develop one)
- a-squared Free Edition
(All Ubuntu Linux OS are Free)
- Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Dapper Drake
- Ubuntu Linux 5.10 Breezy Badger
- Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
Media Players:
- Windows Media Player 10
- WinAmp
- Adobe Acrobat Reader 7
- Pocket Tanks
- Pool
- Nero Express
- Yahoo! Messenger
- GTalk
Educational Tools:
- Dictionary
- Calculator
- Encyclopedia

Long list...huh? I'm requesting this 'coz I don't have much space for my computer and I like to have a portable OS and Apps in hand, wherever I go.

Hope this comes out of the list.... hehe!

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Have you looked around this site? Is your list serious???

Not wanting to pour petrol on a fire, let's look at some of these.

Antivirus/anti-malware is sensible, search this site for more

Ubuntu - you can get a live CD to boot from. This will probably recognise your portable device, but by this point your list of (WINDOWS!) apps is not going to work with your OS.

Media players... Why use 2 for the same thing, when either MPlayer, VLC or several others do the job on their own?

Reading PDFs does not require the huge Acrobat Reader 7 (see for some info on Foxit Reader)

Games - fair enough, but GTA? Do you mean the small original, or the huge recent game(s)? More on filesize later...

Burners. Again a nice idea, but if you work off a portable drive you are probably Angel not guaranteed to have any specific hardware, such as a CD/DVD-RW drive, and (b) able to store some files on the portable device "to go".

IMs. Again, unless you use Gtalk for voice calls, pretty much everything can be done with Portable Gaim, Trillian Anywhere and other IM clients. And these should be able to work with your existing IM buddies.

As for dictionaries, calculators and ENCYCLOPEDIAS??? Any OS you are using should have a calculator, and might have a dictionary (OO.o can speelcheck for you), whilst an encyclopedia could be many GB in size.

A fundamental purpose of this site is to get apps shrunk down to fit on modest portable devices, without infringing copyrights and license agreements. The fact that you list so many commercial, large and Windows-only apps makes me think you haven't opened your eyes to the wealth of tasks that can be done with Open Source tools.

I hope you find tools for your needs here, but you will need to think more about features you need, not apps you want, to get the most our of portability.

Excuse the rant, and welcome to the site ( Smile ) !

jan4x4 (not verified)

Umm... I'm just new to this portable things...

I like Ubuntu... but I don't want to carry those CDs around. It's better in a Flash Drive than you'll carry a CD case...

About the GTA... I was requesting about the first old GTA...

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Okay working from the top

Okay working from the top down:

Anti-Malware: There are plenty here, though no portable combination of real-time on-access virus scanning is free and portable yet (clamAv and winpooch is the closest, but as far as I know noone has gotten it to work yet) as far as anti-spyware, Ad-aware is portable by default, as is spybot S&D

OS: See other comments, though there are linux builds that will run off a flash key, such as DSL ( or Puppy (

MediaPlayers: Winamp lite is portable, WMP can be substituted by porable VLC or Media Player Classis

Document Readers: Foxit PDF reader, it doesnt read DRM'ed documents but everything else just fine.

Games: Many different options here, most games are portable with little or no adjustment, though size is a big issue here. Most new games are well over 1GB, so unless you have a large flash key, you may be out of luck. Try emulation of older consoles for the most game in the smallest package.

Burners: Nero can be portable if you add some registry keys, including registration info, but it isnt recommended. There are alternatives such as deepBurner or Silent Night Micro CD Burner.

IM's: again see above, GAIM works very well, as does MirandaIM if your looking for something with more open possibilities.

Educational Tools: Dictionary/Thesarus, try theSage portable and valuable. As far as an encyclopedia, youll run into the same space issue as you would with large games. you can do a lot of research online, britannica has their encyclopedia online, try there. Google is good too, if you know how to look.

6GB QuickiDrive

6GB QuickiDrive
Ceedo / PStart / Xoblite
1.5 GB of portable application Goodness!

jan4x4 (not verified)
Ok.. thanks... I'll just try

Ok.. thanks... I'll just try puppy...

Ashes for Tears
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Oh, I don't know...a

Oh, I don't know...a portable dictionary could be seful every now and then, though you are right about the size...
jan4x4, if you still want one, and are willing to sacrifice 20 MB of space, Google 'TheSage' dictionary.

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