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gvim will "work" from a removable media, but the problem is that any settings saved to your .vimrc or .gvimrc are not saved because of where gvim tries to access the rc files. A portable version of gvim would be incredibly handy.

Thanks for the great apps.

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What's gvim? ~nm35

What's gvim?


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Graphical VIM (VI iMproved)
jopf (not verified)
Command Line Option

You can specify the location of the config file with the command line option -u (try --help for more Info).
I made a Link of the gvim.exe with the right commmand line option (in my case: -u ../../Data/GVim/vimrc.ini) and it works well for me.

dcw (not verified)
GVim settings

Just go to the menu [Edit][Settings Windows]
and edit where you want to save all the files gvim uses.

This falls under the heading of 'I know where it is, not what to do with it'

I'm still fiddling with my settings to make it 'traceless'

cel4145 (not verified)
+1 for a portable app

I use gvim all of the time. Having a portable version would be a big plus for turning others on to it.

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portable vi

i've found both elvis and vile to work well as a portable vi - not as godly as vim - but useable when you're not able to install vim/gvim.

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It's Done!

Not an "official" PortableApp, but it serves the same purpose. Works like a charm!

happy vimming.

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RE: It's Done!

Nice work!

Can we get this listed on the Applications page? Or perhaps start a page for unofficial stuff like this and Torpark?

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Working great

I agree, it's working just great. It *does* seem to hang at 95% in the installer, but eventually finishes. Once it's installed, it works well.

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