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PStart Starting on Install

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PStart Starting on Install

Is PStart supposed to be starting on install? That was my understanding and if it could it would be great. For some reason the computers at school won't let me find my flash drive. Thanks

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You put in the flash drive,

You put in the flash drive, run the PStart installer and choose "Portable version." Click your drive letter and go on. I don't remember if PStart automatically starts after installation, though. If you want it to start when you put in your drive, use the search.

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Bad description, sorry. I

Bad description, sorry. I ment that it is installed as a portable version on my thumbdrive, and I wanted it to automaticly run when I plugged it into a computer.

The problem with using the search is that half the time the computer is question won't search the drive because it can't find it. Its strange because you can still use everything off the thumbdrive, if you can find it.

slallison (not verified)
Found it

Thanks for the reply but I found a thread over in the Request Apps section that told how to do it. Funny I hadn't thought to look over there.

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