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Update OpenOffice.Org 2.4.1

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Update OpenOffice.Org 2.4.1

A new version of OpenOffice came out.
Please update the app Wink

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If you used the 'search'

If you used the 'search' functionality, you would have found this is already being tested.

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No, Search does NOT show it.

Nope. I just now typed OPENOFFICE 2.4.1 in the search box and got two hits. See below. The gentlemen's query and some unrelated stuff. Usually I get many pages of unrelated stuff to wade through. So, no, search didn't get me to whatever you say is somewhere here about 2.4.1. (What magic phrase do you suggest?)

I won't belabor this but it is infuriating when the frequent responses are "don't ask" or "use the search" when the search returns many unrelated posts or misses something that (so they say) is here.

For example, I had been coming and browsing and searching on many occasions wondering if there would be anything regarding OO 3 beta. I had tons bogus hits to wade through time after time. Then one day some almost unrelated post regarding a problem in a German version came up But the German aspect led me to the beta, issued WEEKS earlier. It never came up in a search prior to that.

Anyway, here is what searching for OPENOFFICE 2.4.1 gets you at the moment (your reply to the gentleman's query, and someone yammering about what is goog to fill a usb with)

A new version of OpenOffice came out. Please update the app Wink If you used the ... you would have found this is already being tested. ( Portable) ...

... best programs to have for your USB? I already downloaded Openoffice and Gaim and firefox, but I was wondering if there was other things ... *basics* for your drive Smile PRODUCTIVITY Portable OpenOffice Foxit PDF Reader INTERNET Portable Firefox Portable NVU ...

BUT nothing about 2.4.1 actually being somewhere on the site.

Sorry to jump on you, Alan. It could have been any of dozens of similar posts over the past. Oddly there were only two returns from my query. Usually there are many pages of returns to comb through, and I'm way too annoyed after fruitlessly shoveling in that pile of often unrelated text to post civilly.


(end of vent)


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It is odd that "openoffice 2.4.1" doesn't find much, but using the OP's subject ( 2.4.1) works like a charm. See this search.

Note that OO is actually OOo because of trademark infringement.

I don't mind the copious Search first posts, but they would be far more helpful if they contained example search terms and matching links. How else are inexperienced searchers expected to learn the skills that will carry over to Google, etc.?


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