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Bit Che Portable

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Bit Che Portable

I really like using Bit Che and was wondering if they is any way to make this program portable?
Bit Che is an easy to use Torrent Searcher that search numerous sites for the Torrent that you are looking for and allows for you to look at all the different kinds.
Bit Che can be gotten from -

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Bit Che v1.60 Portable

Well with v1.60 you need to copy the data from the program files directory onto your device.

Then copy the file from the Application Data directory into the same folder you can find the Application Data directory by going into Bit Che ans selecting the File Menu > "Open App Data Folder..." and copy this into the same folder as you copied Bit Che.

Then Edit the Settings.ini and add the line portable=1 under [Options]

I will have a look at packaging this as a portableapps package


No this isn't possible as according to portableapps rules you have to use the installer and that will only work with GPLed Apps Bit Che is not a GPLed App (Not that I could actually find this installer only references to it)

If you pop over to the Bit Che Forum there is a post there about Portable versions

I did a rar over there that you can extract into your PortableApps folder that will work with the interface


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He can still use it portably,

He can still use it portably, it just can't be an official app. It may be possible in the future, as is planning to purchase their own server system for hosting freeware programs. Currently all our projects are open source and hosted on SourceForge

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