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Delphi advice from PAM Devs

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Delphi advice from PAM Devs

So I think I want to start learning Delphi. This would be my first real programming language, though I'd say I'm moderately proficient in BATCH, NSIS, and AutoIt3. So I've got a few questions.

First, what flavor and version of Delphi do you use to build the PAM platform? Can you do all that in Turbo, or do you need the Pro version?

Second, what resources would you recommend to someone new to Delphi and to major programming languages (Is Delphi object oriented? If so I'm fairly new to that as well.) I'm big into tutorials and learning things as the need to use them arises. Free is good.

Marco Cantu's work has already been suggested, and I've got his Delphi Essentials eBook. But he seems more geared toward advanced developers, so I'm looking for something to help me work all the way from gound level.

Thanks for anything you can suggest (including another language if you think I'm nuts for wanting to start with Delphi).

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For once I'm on the same page as you :P.
Anyways, I did ask the same thing a whiles ago and people turned up this.
Delphi is a hybrid object-oriented language based off of the ever-so-old Pascal language. In the menu, main.pas would be what you're looking for. Turbo Delphi is the free version, and it's a whopping 300 MB (Okay, nothing compared to some flight simulators, but I only have 250 MB left :(). I live in a pretty-high taxed area so I could ask the university/public library to buy this book (I usually don't understand these series of books but it was the cheapest. And I have to wait for the first person to return it before I get to read it Cry ).
You know, I'm really starting to wonder why John used such a closed programming language.) Perhaps ObjectPascal would work...
Good luck!

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Or maybe FreePascal with the

Or maybe FreePascal with the Lazarus IDE?

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