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Unable to start OpenOffice

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Unable to start OpenOffice


I have tried several times to install portable OpenOffice onto a Sandisk Cruzer 1gb flash drive but each time I get the same error message when trying to start the program. This says that
" for U3 cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix this issue. (ERROR: The program could not be found: \openoffice\program\soffice.exe)"

If I locate the file soffice.exe the program works fine but shortcut from the launchpad menu always results in the above error message.

Any ideas?

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John T. Haller
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Any chance this is Vista? The for U3 release is extremely old and I don't think it works on Vista. We dropped support for U3 a while back due to issues with their platform and business model.

You could install Portable on your U3 drive and launch it manually in Windows Explorer. Or install the Platform along with Portable. We're considering releasing a U3 connector so that folks who have a couple old U3 apps that aren't available as real portable apps can still have access to all the new portable apps released by us and others. (The U3 platform is closed so you can't use naturally portable software or portable apps with it.) With the connector, the U3 launchpad could launch the Platform automatically and you'd have access to the open world of portable apps.

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Tim Clark
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U3 connector

A U3 connector ?

Would this be something like a package that would install the PAP/PAM/PAS launcher on the U3LaunchPad and then have it [optionally of course] autorun?


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Yes its vista. I start it

Yes its vista. I start it manually from explorer. Thanks

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