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@PatrickPatience re: hosting

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@PatrickPatience re: hosting

First I want to say thanks for hosting, of course. It's a great service to many people here on PApps.

I wanted to ask if you know what's going on with the download statistics. I receive them randomly at the moment, but even when I do get an email it contains no data. It's probably been 2 months since I've received an update that worked.

If you can fix it great, but I just want to know what's up with it. Thanks again!

Patrick Patience
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The stats are a little screwy, not sure what the problem is. I'm going to try to set up PHPMyVisites/Piwix or use the Mint installation that Ryan kindly got me. Smile I may go with the latter because the former might be a lot harder to set up.

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I was wondering what was going on with those stats. Thanks. Wink

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I got a new hosting service

I got a new hosting service also maybe I could help host too.... ^_^ I got 10000 mb of storage and 20000 mb of bandwidth ^_^

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