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Idea for PortableApps Backup

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Idea for PortableApps Backup

John, the backup program is solid, but I think some improvements could be made to make it more user friendly. If you could make a calendar view that highlights the days you backed up, it would be more like Windows System Restore, with which more people are probably familiar with. If the calendar view is to tricky then just a list of backups sorted by date to chose from would probably work.

I imagine a backup dialog on first run, that asks where to save backups to. It would remember this location as the default, but have a button to change location if you wished. The restore dialog would be the calendar view which would check the default location for backup files and display the dates you have backups for. You would click the date you wanted to restore then click the Restore button. This dialog would also have a button to search for another backup if you had one saved somewhere other than the default directory.

You might also make an option for how many backups you wish to keep, and have older ones automatically deleted.

Just some ideas to consider...