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Portable Open Source apps

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Portable Open Source apps

Generally, I would requests all open source application to be made into portable apps.

It would be great if there is portable Inkscape and GanttProject 2.0 (

Bruce Pascoe
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ALL open-source applications?

Are you serious? There has to be hundreds of thousands of open-source applications out there. And not all of them are portable app-friendly because they write to the registry, etc. Just because a program is open-source doesn't automatically mean it can be made into a portable app overnight. It just means the source is freely available.

Ryan McCue
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Doesn't even have to be open source

to make it portable. Just (usually) free. Or popular.
R McCue

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Bruce is right, plus...

Inkscape will run from any device if you get the Zip version, and personally I don't mind apps writing to someone else's registry in some cases.

So even for apps that are omitted or disputed here due to leaving traces after running, check for Zip downloads on sourceforge and see if they run when extracted to a USB drive...

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