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Pidgin: PP 2.4.3 gadu-gadu problem

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Pidgin: PP 2.4.3 gadu-gadu problem

After upgrading my pidgin portable to 2.4.3 version it crashed and the error was caused by "libgg.dll". I replaced it with the "old" one (extracted from v. 2.4.2) and now it works. Any ideas? My OS: Windows Vista Home Basic, hardware: F-S AmiloPro V3545.

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Try the local's

Try the local's most likely an issue with 2.4.3 itself.

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This was fixed in 2.5.0 You

This was fixed in 2.5.0

You can download this version from:

Don't know why on official website 2.4.3 is still the last version.

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Probably because the actual official stable release is still 2.4.3 according to (at 9:45am NY time today). We never jump the gun and package apps before they are made official and announced by the developers. Sometimes releases are posted to SourceForge or download servers and then pulled before being announced. To release a portable version before there is a stable version announced by the developers would be exceedingly irresponsible.

Plus, 2.5.0 was just posted to SourceForge today. They're probably waiting on mirroring before announcing.

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You are awesome. Smile I even checked like an hour ago as I have a Pidgin/IM fetish and I saw 2.4.3 as John noted. Thanks for letting us know, just so I can grab it as my local version. Smile

Edit: 2.5 on the Home Page now

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