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a random thought

I had a thought while trying to find the stip of paper that has my logon info; namely it would be really neato to be able to have my thumbdrive log me in when I put it into the computer. (It has more memory than I do Smile

The computers in qustion run Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2, and have the standard user name/ log in prompt. I would think that it would be near impossible to do, even with valid login info. However, you guys are much more expirenced with computers in general so I thought I would bring it up.

In other news, I just found my login info...

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My thoughts:

I think it would be possible if we could get the exe to execute automatically. Otherwise, it would be possible (I think) to log out and log back in again with your username.
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OK, first things first, don't write down login information. I don't care how bad people say their memory is, you can always remember a few characters. Why not just take a sentence and use it's initials and punctuation to make a fairly secure password? The first sentence here would be

Pretty random looking, easy to remember. If someone issues you with a password without letting you change it, complain. Especially if it's a dictionary word or something under 8-14 characters long.

(Rant over)

The problem with USB keys, RFID devices, thumbprint scanners etc. acting as an authentication device is that you would need the target machine to have the right drivers, and be expecting the device to act as a logon alternative. So in the context of portable apps, it surely can't be done.

However if you need portability between several machines that you can add drivers to, you might have more luck. Try googling something like XP login USB dongle

Or just stop writing down login details. Rant over. again Smile

slallison (not verified)
LOL Thank you for the rant.

LOL Thank you for the rant. I normally would agree with you but not this time. First off I can't pick the user name or the password and its nothing but random numbers. When you add to that that I have three such passwords, it gets complicated. Second, I have absolutely nothing saved on my settings or on my server space. Basicly the login is useless unless you want to see how much I'm printing. I save everything on my thumbdrive, on which I do keep the files protected.

Thank you also for your imput regarding using my question. I might play around with the idea some, and I'll let you know how it will turn out.

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There areafew programs that need to ne installed on the machine as service. Then you have to configure the stick to akt as "access token" may also use a pin.
Dekart Logon would be such a utility:
also an old program called usbsecure did this also but no answers to registration requests nor new version available.

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