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KompoZer: REQ: drag and drop file support (like Notepad++)?

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KompoZer: REQ: drag and drop file support (like Notepad++)?

I have just discovered this KompoZer WYSIWYG app. This is really nice for modifying exported Firefox bookmarks .html files.

But I have already used Notepad++ for a while. A thing about KompoZer struck me right away... It isn't possible to drag a drop a file (which should open it in a new tab) like it is in Notepad++ and Firefox. You have to press the 'Open' button all the time, and localize your file (time stealer).

Could this feature be added to KompoZer?
I know that it already support tabs... When having two files opened it shows in tabs, just like in Notepad++ and Firefox. Also you can close a tab by middle/scroll button click...

In addition to this feature I would also like if it was been made possible to drag and relocate the tabs (again just like in Notepad++ and Firefox)

Chris Morgan
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Good idea, but

this isn't really the place to ask for it. This is more for KompoZer Portable than general KompoZer issues.

I would recommend that you ask for it at the KompoZer feature requester (I got the link from the bar on the right at the KompoZer website)

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