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Changing the profile path ???

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Changing the profile path ???

i want to change my profile path from the standard directory to a specific directory on network drive. How and wehere do i change this ???

John T. Haller
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Same Drive?

You can't set it to a profile on a different drive. This software is designed to run on a single, portable drive.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Same portable device!

I am also looking for this. I actually have two reasons:

  • Single portable device with two "partitions"
    My setup is an SD memory card with a TrueCrypt partition. I would like to only have the data in the secured partition.
  • Separate application and data
    I synchronize my data with my Linux notebook. I would like to keep all my data in a single directory on the stick - separate from any applications.

The solution could be as simple as supporting a command line parameter, eg.ThunderbirdPortable -profilepath \data\Thunderbird
Any improvement would be great. Obviously the same would apply to Firefox.
And by the way, thanks for really great software!

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