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SanDisk Micro Cruzer 4 GB flash drive - computer suddenly not seeing it

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SanDisk Micro Cruzer 4 GB flash drive - computer suddenly not seeing it

I don't know if this is the right place for this question, but I hope someone can help.

I am running Windows XP on my main computer.

I have a SanDisk 4 GB micro cruzer flash drive, with U3 Launchpad installed on it.

The flash drive works FINE at my office computer (also running XP)

But, when I put the flash drive into my home computer (where it used to work a few months ago), absolutely nothing happens. The U3 Launchpad does not come on, and when I look in Windows Explorer, the flash drive is not listed among the drives that the computer can see and navigate to.

I have tried the flash drive in every available USB port on my computer (some running USB 2.0, some 1.0) - no difference. The light on the flash drive is on (it's getting "power", so it is actually connected), but to the computer, it's as it it's not connected. No error message, no nothing...

Any advice?

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Try restarting your computer.

Try restarting your computer. I've had this problem many, many times with my U3 drive after hibernating. If not, turn up your volume and see if it makes two small tones, of the same pitch. That sound means "hardware fail". Try checking the U3 or even Micrsoft's website for more help.

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Mapped network drive

Have you recently mapped to a network drive? XP has a blind spot when it tries to allocate the next available drive letter to a USB flash drive if that letter has already been allocated to a mapped network drive. If you have, it may pay to map drives from Z and work backwards through the alphabet for network drives to avoid the conflict.

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