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How to open link in FF portable?

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How to open link in FF portable?

Hallo, how I can tell Thunderbird Portable to open links in Firefox Portable? How to force Thunderbird to handle "http" with an application I wish to use instead of system default one (if I do not want to change system settings)?
It would be enough if I can force TB to open a dialog and ask me which application I want to handle http maybe? (Alike, the dialog opens when I tell Firefox 3 to have Gmail handle mailto: links. Then I can choose Thunderbird Portable and it works even if I go to an other computer with any other disk management.)

Thank you!

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The only issue is that I could not make the path relative to what ever the randomly assigned drive would be, if anyone knows how to do that, please let me know. It's not a huge issue since I always run them off of the C: and E: drives at home and the H: drive at work, but it would be handy if I am using another computer.

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If the PortableApps launcher

If the PortableApps launcher for Thunderbird is built the same way than the Firefox one, it will automatically adjust the drive letter in the configuration files. I used this to implement an auto-scan on ClamWin with Download Statusbar.

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I can confirm I can open FF

I can confirm I can open FF due with the Thunderbrowse at an other computer though drives are named differently there.

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Subst command

A general solution to the problem of reassignement of the drive letter is to use dos subst command.

Generally there are a lot of unused drive letters that you can use for this.

subst "An unused drive letter letter": "Your portable drive letter":\

does the job.

I use this solution so I can compare my portable apps installation with a backup copy using beyond compare without fake alarms of change due to the reassignement of drive letter.
Generally the A: and B: drive letters are always free (has anybody a floppy today?) , so I use

subst a: "my portable usb disk letter":\

and I see all in A:

Only issue is if you use free A: and B: drive letters is that seems that files are deleted directly without pass from the recycle bin. (But I haven't seriously investigated this fact Smile )

I have a batch cmd file that does the substitution and then it starts some portableapps stuff.
(You can see an extract below)

echo off


echo "drive replacement"
subst a: f:\

echo "start PortableApps"
start "PortableApps" /B "A:\_PortableApps\Start.exe"

echo "check for update"
start "PortableAppsUpdate" /B "A:\_PortableApps\PortableApps\\PortableAppsUpdater.exe" /STARTUP=false /MODE=UPDATE /KEYBOARDFRIENDLY=false /HIDEPORTABLE=true /BETA=true /CONNECTION=Automatic




echo "start Skype"
start "Skype" /B "A:\_PortableApps\PortableApps\SkypePortable\SkypePortable.exe"

echo "start Firefox"
start "Firefox" /B "A:\_PortableApps\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe"

echo "start Thunderbird"
start "Thunderbird" /B "A:\_PortableApps\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\ThunderbirdPortable.exe"


echo "exit"

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Wow! It works! Thanks!

Wow! It works! Thanks!

Hooonza (OpenPGP ID: 0x5C314D52)

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How do I set the portable path?

I like the idea of using Thunderbrowse to both open a site and to open FF. But how do I set the path to Firefoxportable.exe within Thunderbrowse so that it can open FFP? I have the suite installed on my wife's iPod so she can read her email and browse at work. The first night she used it she she clicked on a link in her email and it opened the default browser (IE) and blew the stealthiness of the suite. I am going to add Thunderbrowse to her install but, to keep things as close to the home set up as possible (the less it changes the better she is) I want to set the path to the portable FF.
Thanks, djb

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