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UPX Assistant: handy automation tool for creating portable apps!

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UPX Assistant: handy automation tool for creating portable apps!

Hello All!

I LOVE UPX, but it can also take a lot of time for me to write backups and make my compressions, which is why I have written UPX Assistant (v1.01)! Now all my backups can be written automatically and mass compressions completed on the fly. In the interests of the community I would also like the share the application, maybe it can help you too, maybe not. Basically, you can drag multiple files into the application or shortcut, and there are some other features I'll write below the download link.


This simple GUI assistant will save you valuable time by automating the
process of running UPX. You can configure some of the following options
for the UPX Assistant through the upxassistant.ini as described.

backup (Y/N):
Use 'Y' to save an uncompressed backup of your file (filename + .old)

beston (Y/N):
Use 'Y' to enable the BEST UPX settings which will take you more time

intray (Y/N):
Use 'Y' to load UPX into the systemtray and hide the window from view

towait (#)
Enter the seconds that UPX assistant will hold to display information

easter (Y/N)
Use 'Y' to display the current installed version of the UPX Assistant