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Desktop icons annoyance...

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Desktop icons annoyance...

After "auditioning" several monitors (and having to change resolutions dozens of times), my Win XP desktop icon layout keeps shifting to the left ("grid" arrangement"). I have a utility that will save and restore the desktop icon layout, but I would prefer not to have to use this proggy EVERY SINGLE TIME I boot up, in order to look at my icons arranged the way I WANT them to be (No, I do NOT have my desktop setup as "web desktop", since I have no icons that are tied to the web).

So the question is this:
Do any of you have any means I can try to get my desktop arrangement to boot up the way I want it to EVERY time?...
I am open to proggies (freeware, of course), registry hacks, or any other workarounds you know of that will FORCE my desktop icon layout to stay the same (customized) EVERY time out of the blocks.

How about it? Are any of you up to the challenge?

Any help here is thanked by me in advance.

I await your response(s). Thx.


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well somehow there is a way

well somehow there is a way to "save icon position" and then load them again, but I've never been able to get that to work all the time

But here was my solution to that, I removed all the icons, and am using Rocket Dock instead as a replacement for all icons and shortcuts

give it a try

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