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Back to V2

I gave up on FF3 yesterday and went back to V2.
I was running FF3 on a 4gig Kingston HyperX drive, with everything turned off that has been mentioned in this forum, but I was still having slowdown/freeze problems. I monitored memory usage and it happened whenever FF3 spiked up to about 175,000k, which was often.
FF2 seems to be running about 140,000k consistently with no problems whatsoever.
(If anyone else decides to go back, remember to leave the main FF folder and the Data folder intact; delete everything else).

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thx for tip

Rolled back to V2.0 as well for the same reasons.

Real shame but after using V3, V2 seems like a rocket from my Flash voyager USB stick

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Am doing the same. Had everything turned off.

The constant freezing-up and everything just is too much.

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