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3M Post-It "Office Edition"

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3M Post-It "Office Edition"

Hi here Smile

A few... years ago, 3M sold an application called Post-It "Office Edition". I bought it because of the functionnalities which could not be found with another post-it managers.
The only "problem" of this soft is that it needs a install and i want to bring it with me when i have to visit my clients.

Functionnalities :
- possibility to create your own templates
- alarm
- colors and size changeable for each note
- text changeable for all the note or parts of the note
- memoboards
- sharing of memoboards on the lan
- sending of post it to a contact who have the soft by the lan
- sending of post it by mail
- compatible with microsoft office
- search in the notes
- etc.

Some screen captures :

I think it is not a good idea to post a download link but perhaps am i wrong.

So, if interested to make Post-It "Office Edition" portable, ask me, i'll send you a download link.

Post-it is a really great product and have no concurrence at this day Smile



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PNotes Portable?

Have you checked out PNotes Portable? It has the first half of those features (templates, alarm, colors and size, etc) and is getting search and replace in the next release. It doesn't have the network features, though. The author works close with us on releases. I bet the ability to save an individual note and send it via email would be possible as well... though I don't know about memoboards (I don't know that there'd be enough interest since most portable apps users are solo on a given LAN).

You can find the current stable version here:

And the current development test here:

Give it a try. It may be enough for you to switch.

Oh and welcome to Smile

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Thanks for your answer (i'm a

Thanks for your answer (i'm a bit late, uh ! ;-))

I tried PNotes but even if it's a good software, it does not have the caracteristics i am looking for.
It seems that 3M Post-It "Office Edition" is too integrated to windows to be portable. It's a shame, it's the only soft that have all the functionnalities required in a reasonnable size and ram occupation.
I continue looking for the good soft to replace Post-It (i've tried NoteZilla, TurboNote+ and many others...)

Thanks again Smile

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What functionalities are

What functionalities are missing still? We work very closely with the PNotes developer, and he may be able to incorporate some of the features that you are still missing. Other features may already be there, but seem hidden.

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Try Stickies. It is not portable, but I know somebody made a launcher for it on this site. Try searching for it. It is just the launcher so you'll have to download the original program too. There's a readme in the launcher which should explain everything.

EDIT: Found the topic here (

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YES, Stickies !

Thanks to all !
Devo gave the best answer with Stickies which offers about the same functionnalities than Post-It "Office Edition" and add some functionnalities i had not think about.
The things i miss are
* for templates :
- random color
- size of the sticky for each template
* for stickies manager :
- no possibility to modify a note once stored (we have to send it to the desktop, modify, store again and delete the first one)
- sharing of stickies manager over lan
* for each note
- no possibility to "roll" each note, you have to do this for all

Perhaps other things to come...

This software is amazing !
Import/export, templates, send over lan, send over mail, font, size, bullets, numbers, stores, search, contacts, docking, etc. WOW, WHAT A GOOD JOB !

Thanks to all, really Smile

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Yeah I really like Stickies

Yeah I really like Stickies too. I've been using it for a couple years now. Development has recently come to a halt, although the author (tom.revell [at] is pretty quick about answering emails. I'm sure if you send him an email, he'll get back to you pretty quick and he may even come out with a new version that incorporates some of your requests.

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Thanks :)

Thanks Devo,

I've just wrote an email to Tom. Waiting for his answer Smile

Jacob Mastel
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Development is not at a hault. He's jumping through a lot of hoops right now trying to get some API commands working. And he's also working on a new app. Check this out. Beta Stickies

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