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New, Drupal 6.3

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New, Drupal 6.3

Yo, Just wanted to let you know that there is a new drupal out, it fixes some security issues and a few other things see here
I was wondering, what is the safest way to upgrade drupal? I really dont want to mess anything up, or lose my site. So any help would be appreciated

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Either way, I can't even get

Either way, I can't even get to my site because comphost apparently made thier servers unresponsive ;(.

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I already updated mine (if anyone can help me set up cron correctly on, I would be very happy, because mine isn't working).

I followed the instructions available on the UPDATE.TXT and all went fine. I have a few custom modules, and I had only one error (with a piece of code of a block I inserted Pardon ) but it went fine and updated without problem.

  1. Just backup your site and files folders and any custom file (for example a custom .htaccess so can use clean urls)
  2. Disable any custom modules and use the default theme
  3. Put your site into maintenance mode
  4. Download the update and place it on your server
  5. Modify any file that have been customized
  6. Upload your site and files folders
  7. Run
  8. Enable your custom modules
  9. Re-run update.php (for making sure the modules are updated)
  10. Put your custom theme in use and take your site off of maintenance mode

I took these from the UPDATE.TXT on the new upgrade, please tell me if there is an easier way of doing this.

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