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PThunderbird 1.5 and PGP

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PThunderbird 1.5 and PGP

Huge congrats on portable thunderbird with PGP/Enigmail built in, truely brilliant.
But I'm having problems. I've copied my profile and copied the PGP databases and all is fine with regards to most things, except I have a public/private key pair which is used for multiple e-mail addresses, if I use it on my uni address then it works fine, but if I try to send an e-mail from my private address it says that the private key is not available and so I can't sign any e-mails.

This works fine on my standard Thunderbird, and sometimes works on the portable thunderbird. Any ideas?

I did notice that the location of gpg.exe is left blank in the enigmail preferences box, is this normal?

Thanks for any and all help.


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PThunderbird 1.5 and PGP

Have you set the pgpkey in Account Settings-->OpenPGP Security, of your your private address account?

Any way you should join Enigmail mailing List, (see below).

Yes, location of gpg.exe left blank in the enigmail preferences box is OK.

There are people in the Enigmail mailing list that can help you about your problem.

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