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7-Zip: Zone Alarm Warning Message

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7-Zip: Zone Alarm Warning Message

When I run 7-Zip Portable, I get the following warning from ZoneAlarm:

7-Zip Portable is trying to launch [user]\Local Settings\Temp\nsg50.tmp\ns51.tmp, or use another program to gain access to privileged resources

I still run the program, but I'd like to have an idea of just what I'm saying "yes" to, please.

Tim Clark
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Based on my experience with

Based on my experience with McAfee, which might be wrong in your case, 7-Zip Portable is trying to use [launch/run/whatever] a file in your "temp" directory.

It considers this to be something you might want to be aware of.

I haven't used 7zip since i got this version of McAfee but I got a similar warning when TBP was using files in the temp directory. Since I am aware that TBP needs to do this I told McAfee to not warn me about it again in TBP's case.


Common Standard Protection

The rule: [warn only]
Prevent common programs from running files from the Temp folder

Processes to exclude:


Even if I use windows explorer to go into my temp directory and check the properties of a file it issues a warning.
[it's a subtle warning mind you, the shield turns red and the access is logged]

It's a nice feature if you understand it and know which programs should be allowed to do certain things in your temp directory.


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I tried looking up ns51.tmp ...

and only .de pages came up. Well, the post came up too. Smile

I always try to find out what the file itself actually came from.

Anyone translate it for us?

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I had a look at some of those sites. Those are often forums where people post their hijack-this log files so other people can check them.
There are many such files and are part of prefetching work of windows, many exist and will be closed again etc. Dynamic process, details I can not tell exactly, is too deep in OS.
Nothing to worry about.

Best solution: remove the malware (called ZA) from your system and you are OK. ZA can be considered as one single big virus running on your system.

The typical result of installing some so called firewalls is, that they produce lot of warnings and messages which not even the code author did understand so why to bother.
And remember: many of those so called firewalls are actually themselves used to carry data in and out of your PC. And 'properly' designed trojans and similar will today communicate over DNS requests and similar which can not be checked or filtered by any such 'firewall' bloatware.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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