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Web-browsers for WEB-developers

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Web-browsers for WEB-developers

IE 6 and 7,
Opera 9.2 and 9.5
ff 2 (3rd I have Smile

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What exactly do you want?

Its a lot easier to answer posts if you provide as much info as possible and not just the absolute minimum.

I guess you want all these Apps portable:
Internet Explorer is closed source so it cant be done by this site and it would illegal for everyone to make it portable and distribute it.
Use the search bar in the top right corner to find the other topics where Opera has already been requested.
The latest version of Firefox 2 can be downloaded from the Firefox page at the bottom where it says "Legacy Versions".

Oh, and welcome to Smile

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Not possible

kumarp, unfortunately it is not possible to provide Internet Explorer 6 or 7, neither Opera 9.x on

As you can see on our Unnoficial FAQ, section "Can you make [name] portable?" an app needs to be, between other things, OpenSource, meaning that the source code of the application must be available to use and modification, witch both Internet Explorer and Opera are not.

You can get Opera from Opera@USB, an site that has permission from Opera Software to portabilize the app, have in mind that the app was NOT made by and we do not offer support nor guarantees about it.

Legacy versions of Firefox are available at the bottom of the Firefox Portable Page, here.

Also, I request you to search as these request were already made several times on this site.

Hope to have helped and welcome!

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Thank you

Thank you, Simeon.
Thank you, ptmb.

I love, guys!

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you can also use

you can also use to get a portable version of Opera that comes as one file. I've used both kinds of portable Opera with PortableApps and all you have to do is place the files inside the PortableApps directory along with your other portable programs. works just fine.

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maybe this could help,
it's a website that loads in your website and posts screenshots of how it looks.
I use it all the time.
(at least for the browsers I can't test myself..)

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actually, you can work around this a little bit.

I have downloaded firefox portable for ff2 and for ff3 and installed them to portable apps.

Then, I installed multiple versions of IE.
Yes, it's perfectly legal to do so if you have a windows machine.

Install these items to your portableapps folder..
You should probably only go as low as IE5.. I generally only install ie6.

Now, you have IE versions in portable apps and it does appear on the appsuite toolbar.

There are a few items to mention though.

I believe that any computer you use it on, must have a version of IE on it in order for it to work.

I have not tested this with opera or anything else, however, if it works in firefox it will most likely work in opera.

also, there isn't a version of IE7 yet, or IE8 for this ap.

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