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Maguma Open Studio- I could really use some help.

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Maguma Open Studio- I could really use some help.

My friend motivated me (aka begged me) to learn PHP, so I wanted to get a PHP IDE. My dad still won't let me install anything so I chose to make a Portable (on my extra 'Dev' drive I found) so that I could use it. And already it's causing me problems Sad

  • First, I couldn't understand their Maguma Public License (modified of the MPL). I couldn't find any kind of summary or deed like CC uses.
  • Then, when I was toying around with it (which I'm still not done with) when using preview, it asked me to either get a server or the PHP executable. I'm not sure that if I were to distribute wether I should include PHP or not.
  • Then with the local server option, I would have to put XAMPP in there somewhere. (It offers Apache integration).

Wow, only 3? I was expecting more...
Anyhow, thanks for any help in advance!

Oh, just a FYI, I found it saves data in Appdata.