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Pidgin: File Send Feature Doesn't Work

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Pidgin: File Send Feature Doesn't Work

When using Pidgin to send files through AOL OSCAR protocol the following always happens

1. Right when I start to send the file, I get system message saying I've canceled the file transfer.
2. The file transfer starts - the file transfer meter doesn't move at all - then I get disconnected and I have to login again.

In both, my Firewall McAfee firewall and router, I made sure to open port 5190 both UDP and TCP and still no luck.

I can chat normally, I even can direct connect and send images like that; I just can't send a images, documents, songs as a file.

--Now here is that odd part, some times the file send feature works but other it just doesn't. How can this be? No idea.

Any help would be greatly appreciate it.


Windows XP Home

Linksys BEFSR41 [Wired]

Pidgin 2.4.3

McAfee Security Center

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I would try completely

I would try completely disabling McAfee security tools. I use AIM file transfer all the time through Pidgin with an issue, maybe once a month if that, and normally its on the recipient's end.

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