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FAQ #3 WishList Item

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FAQ #3 WishList Item

I've only been using the PA Suite for a couple of weeks but I love it! I've added a few extra apps, including my old pal Pegasus Mail. The only problem I have yet to solve is how to link FF mailto:s to Pegasus Mail. I've tried the old trick of creating a USER.JS file pointing to PM's WSENDTO but no luck. If there is no solution yet (as per FAQ #3), I fondly hope that one is forthcoming.

On the other hand, if someone here has a solution, please post it!


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Firefox´s Launchy Addon is something for you.
I haven't tried it myself though.

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Firefox Portable 3

In Firefox 3, you can select your mailto in Tools - Options - Applications. Set it to the appropriate EXE (normally ThunderbirdPortable.exe for Thunderbird users) and the launcher will take care of portablizing the setting.

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Error when

Thunderbird is already open. Can you allow multiple instances to take care of this?

thanks Bob

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Additionally, I'd like to point out that you can now (as of Firefox 3) assign webmail as your default mailto client.

It comes with Yahoo! mail by default (you just have to enable it), but you can add others as well; for an example, see here.

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FF > mailto: > Pegasus Mail

Thanks for the suggestions but Angel I tried Launchy already but although it initially listed Pegasus Mail as a choice, there was no way to enable it; (b) the next time I tried it, it declared incompatibility with v2.x of FF; (c) I'd *like* to get something working with my current FF v2.0.0.16 as v3.x won't run with w98SE and so far everything I've added is W98SE-compatible; and (d) although I use Gmail, I don't care much for the online/webmail interface (I like POP3-ing my email).


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Hmm sorry if I go OT, but

Hmm sorry if I go OT, but could you explain me how did you add Pegasus to PortableApps?

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