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7-Zip: Winrar & 7zip

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7-Zip: Winrar & 7zip

I can do 7zip, tar, and do I get rar ?

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You can't make a rar with

You can't make a rar with 7zip, but you can extract them.

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PeaZip Portable, that's how.

PeaZip Portable, that's how. Smile

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I don't think PeaZip can

I don't think PeaZip can compress to rar, but it can open them

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Peazip can only open it.

The only program that can make .rar files are:

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RAR = closed source payware only

Only closed source commercial (read: you pay for it) software can compress to RAR files. RAR is a closed source/proprietary software. There are some free decompression routines but none are open source, so none are included with open source compression/decompression software.

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Well you don't *have* to pay to keep using it, just a nag screen

To be fair it is possible to use both WinRAR and the command-line RAR program (for OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, OS/2, and DOS) forever to make and open archives without paying, although not all features will be available; I have found no need for whatever those features are though, the only effect I've seen of not paying is a nag screen whenever I look around inside an archive with WinRAR, which rarely happens because I prefer to use 7-Zip for that purpose.

Although the fact that WinRAR is still technically not even freeware means it will never be made available on PortableApps, Rarlab does make its own portable (non-PAF) version available:

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