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Toolkit for rapid portable apps developpment

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Toolkit for rapid portable apps developpment


you can find here my toolkit for my own porable apps (I call them "pocket apps"). I developped this basic toolkit two years ago. At that time I was deeply impressed by PortableApps suite but unfortunatly my favorite apps were not available (gvim, unison and jbrout). SO that I start my own "fork" of PortableApps suite to fulfill my needs.

Anyway I end up with a toolkit that offers modulare code, easy customization by user (notably location of configuration files to ease synchronisation of application configuratioln files with my linux box), easy code maintenance and quick posrtable launcher developpment.

As I made today some cleaning in my files, I found it again and decided o have it release under the GPL license in case it can be useful for someone else. To start just go into the "src" directory under BONSAI-0.9.5. If you want to try it, you have to copy your NSIS directory into apps-bin under Nsis directory. It should work.

Feel free to contact me if you think i can be of some interest for your community.

Have a nice day