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Portable Apps Causing Problems with Antivirus/Firewall

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Portable Apps Causing Problems with Antivirus/Firewall

After installing PortableApps to my thumb drive and using it for the first time, my computer either stopped starting up Avast! antivirus on startup or Windows failed to recognize Avast! and Comodo firewall.

I haven't yet figured out a way to correct this problem. PortableApps is the only thing that I changed or altered in this session.

Why is it interfering with my A/V and Firewall?

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Very odd. It shouldn't

Very odd. It shouldn't interfere at all with any AV or firewall applications. It's been reported that some apps cause false alarms with anti-virus apps, but we've never seen anything where AV is completely disabled.

What operating system are you on (Win9x, Win2k, WinXP, WinVista)? Have you used your thumb drive on public computers (internet cafe, library, etc.)? Is there any more info you can provide that you think might be useful to us?

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