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I Just Made Toast
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Billy is a small mp3 program, which i now use as a replacement of windows media player

it is simple to look at but it doesnt sacrifice any useability or functionality through its simplicity. its also very fast. It takes WMP about 5 mins to scan through 2086 songs which are in "my music" folder. Billy does this almost instangly. its a very nice little program and its small too. perfect for taking on a memory stick. Biggrin

(sadly its only MP3)

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Umm, yeah...

Yup, it's a nice little app. I've been using it for a long time now. But it's not just MP3's. I use it to play my ogg's, and I'm almost sure it supports many more formats.

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According to the cersion history, it supports MP3, FLAC, PLS, M3U, B4S, ASX, MP2, MP1, WMA, MOD, 3SM, IT, MTM, MO3, OGG.

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looks like it runs off the

looks like it runs off the BASS engine, which means that if Evil Player can play it, than Billy probably can too.

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I thought Patrick Patience

I thought Patrick Patience was an Irish virtue.

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